Sam Mitchell-Innes
  • Strategy 90%
  • Content development 80%
  • Digital delivery 80%
  • Project management 90%

Sam Mitchell-Innes

Founder & Account Director

Healthcare communications have been present throughout my career. Starting out in major advertising agencies I helped move FMCG brands towards healthy eating. Next I built a group of health shops, Body Active, that shifted the health food based offer to an overall body maintenance retail offer.

I have since founded several successful design consultancies at which I continued to work in health with private hospitals, clinics, consultants, GP practices, corporate human resources, health exhibitions, vitamin supplements and much more…

Recent changes in digital communications have given the end user more choice and self selection. Nothing is more important that having the right quality of information to make the right choice.

This is what Health Context does and this is how our talented team can make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace and claim your share of voice.

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Neil Huband
  • Integrated strategic communications 90%
  • Issue and Crisis management 100%
  • Political counsel 80%
  • Media skills training 90%

Neil Huband

Senior Associate and Counsel

Neil Huband originally trained as a newspaper journalist and then a broadcaster in news, business and politics with ITV and the BBC. Neil has worked in the science, healthcare and associated sectors for more than 20 years.

Neil trained with Ogilvy and Mather Group, and has worked on major privatisations involving global companies including Shell, Unilever and its subsidiaries.

Neil advises NHS and private healthcare providers, at both primary and tertiary levels. In addition to his role as a leading healthcare counsel, he also has wide experience of working with professional practices and the insurance sector, and for many years he headed major global crisis management networks for Lloyds underwriting syndicates.

Rachel Ellis
  • Editing 90%
  • Journalism 90%
  • Writing 90%
  • Consultant 80%

Rachel Ellis

Senior Health editor

With more than 20 years’ experience writing about health for national newspapers and magazines, I can offer a wealth of advice about how to successfully get your message across.

I also provide healthcare companies with editorial advice and content, have edited two in-house health and lifestyle magazines for a large healthcare company and offer media training.

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Parul Babbar
  • Digital Design 90%
  • Graphic Design 90%
  • Corporate branding 90%

Parul Babbar

Senior Creative Designer

I am a highly experienced designer with many years of corporate, publishing and brand work. I have worked with the Health Context team for many years creating design for many healthcare clients. I recognise the change that digital communications has brought to the way patients make their healthcare decisions and know that there is much to be done to ensure that those decisions are well informed.


Michael Smith
  • Web applications 90%
  • Digital transformation 90%
  • IT consultancy 90%

Michael Smith

Senior Software developer

I specialise in web applications, digital transformation, IT consultancy and IT project management through my company Cadmia. I have worked with the Health Context team for over three years.

I manage and work with a flexible team of developers helping to deliver projects including:

* Relational databases
* APIs and Web Interfaces
* Custom Ruby on Rails CMSes for enterprise clients
* Augmented Reality iOS and Android Apps
* Online document sharing and review systems for law firms
* Custom backends for mobile apps
* Responsive websites for clients across multiple sectors