Content Creation

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Content Creation

The choice of channels to communicate your message is vast.

Health Context specialise in creating content across the following:

  • Blogs – a consistent feed of content reflecting your healthcare offer
  • Brand journalism – providing an authoritative source of information, news and insights into topical health matters
  • Landing pages – giving your site the in-depth content to engage and generate visitor response
  • Microsites – allowing specific topic communications between healthcare professionals and patients
  • Patient Guides – providing the common generic information that patients seek and answering FAQs
  • Patient stories – sharing the great stories about how good you are but also providing useful patient to patient tips
  • Consultant profiles – stopping the endless list of qualifications that bore the prospective patient,  we ‘humanise’ your care champions
  • Podcasts – this is the opportunity for your consultants to engage and demonstrate their expertise
  • Quizzes and Games – valuable to focus and engage on a specific topic, often used for training
  • Video – highly involving and realistic glimpses into high interest topics, brings it all alive
  • Social media content – start posting content that engages and extends your profile


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