Our Vision


Providing high-quality information about the healthcare you offer is at the heart of our work. Getting your message across in an interesting and informative way will increase patient engagement and trust in your business.

Common issues businesses face with digital marketing.

• Failing to reach your target audience.

• Your business is not portrayed in the right context.

• Stale content on website.

• Not communicating great stories about your work online.

• Not engaging with your audience online.

• Website is not bringing in new business. 

• Not enough time to commit to digital marketing.

How we can help

Engaging successfully with audiences in the digital world is far more challenging than you might expect; compelling content, set in the right context, requires different skills, exceptional care and an on-going commitment. Health Context is about high-quality content and attention to detail to allow patients to make better and well-informed healthcare choices, and build up trust in your services, setting you apart from your competitors.

We can:

1. Tailor your online content to your audience’s needs and your organisation’s goals.

2. Develop content to trigger an audience response and get them to click, share and comment.

3. Manage on and offline channels to generate exposure and build momentum.

4. Monitor how your content is performing and build on results. 

Commonly asked questions

Why can’t our in-house team provide content?

Some can but, more often than not, they have more immediate pressures so content gets pushed aside and some teams don’t have the relevant skills to do it.

What’s your approach?

Every project is tailored to your individual needs, and draws on our significant experience at generating health content. We prepare content for your team to review which will have the following qualities:

High-quality, well structured content

Interesting and engaging copy, written to the correct length

The right tone of voice for your audience

Quotes from interviewing experts

The right format

Visually engaging

Can our specialists write the content?

We normally advise that specialists are interviewed by our experienced writers to ensure a continuous style and tone.

What should we target first?

Look at the immediate needs of your business; information guides, patient stories or website which is out-of-date. Content marketing is a long-term, on-going investment. Plan for an affordable on-going budget.

What’s the ROI with content marketing?

First, decide what you want to achieve; greater traffic, shares, comments, events bookings or subscription address collection. Next, measure any changes after improving your digital presence – but don’t forget, it can take time to see a significant change.